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Nathan & Andie… A Love Story

Yup, that’s us! ;) This is a stylized photo session I put together shortly after Nathan got home from his deployment last year – shot by the lovely and amazingly talented Katelyn James! I adore these images and I’m so glad that we did them! The original idea was just to go back to The Norfolk Botanical Garden, where we got married, and have Katelyn shoot details like a replica of my bouquet, my handmade wedding dress, our rings, etc. We were the first of most of our friends to get married and I really didn’t know what to ask for with our photography. I LOVE detail shots, and put a lot of planning into the details, but we didn’t really have any photographs of those things… and then I thought, hey, if Nathan is home in time, maybe we can grab a few shots of the two of us together! Well, that just spiraled into this elaborate stylized photo session in my head (of course!) and it’s a good thing, because the company who was supposed to be cleaning my gown, sent it back with more stains on it (another story!). So, we decided just to do a love shoot – a big jump from photos we weren’t even going to be in to begin with! I would highly recommend a love shoot for any couple! It’s a timeless capture of the love you share at that moment in your journey together. We didn’t have engagement photos either so this is really the first set of photos we have together, outside of our wedding day, in 8 years of togetherness, including 3 years of marriage, and a baby girl! lol. So, enjoy these pics and watch out for another post coming soon, featuring the Etsy designer who made that gorgeous fabric flower bouquet!

These are actually the shoes I wore at our wedding reception :)

Did I mention I love detail shots? ;)

mmm, homemade snickerdoodle cupcakes!

My wedding gift to Nathan was a journal I started to fill with letters, scripture, song lyrics, and quotes that spoke to us. We’ve both added to it over time. I recovered it later and brought it to the shoot!

LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

love his laugh <3

Definitely a favorite! :

Katelyn loves her serrryus shots :) And Nathan has such a hot model look! ;)

<3 =

& :

& :

I don’t know what it is I love about this next one, I think it reminds me of when we’re entertaining in our home, and we catch each other’s eye and in that little look there’s an “I love you so much and I love doing this, life, together with you” and we steal a kiss before turning our attention back to our loved ones…okay, that’s so cheesy and I just made a story to go with one little picture, haha…

stay tuned…



Jess & Chris…A Love Story

I am so excited to share this session with you! I had the opportunity to stylize Chris & Jess’s engagement photos (on one sticky hot day!) as well as to coordinate their OBX wedding! This couple is awesome – totally laid back, always laughing, and perfect for each other :)

It’s really important to me to incorporate things that speak of the couple in their sessions/weddings – 2 things from this session: Chris & Jess are both musicians and so music is a big connection that they share, hence the old records from their personal collection and their record player. Jess has a phenomenal voice and Chris actually plays that guitar in the photos! Also, Jess loves to go antiquing and had quite the collection of vintage hankies, which I used as the backdrop for most of their pics :)

The amazing photographer behind these pictures is Rachel May – be sure to check out her site, I know you will love her as much as I do!

I didn’t have a blog platform when these pictures were done but I’m stoked to share them with you now, especially since Chris just got back from a missions trip to India – Chris & Jess, I hope you two enjoy viewing your photos again, cuddled up on the couch TOGETHER! :) Love you!!!


Jess’ laugh rocks :)

I adore this next series:

I hope you enjoyed this stylized engagement session :)

I cannot wait to share Chris & Jess’ wedding photos with you once they’re back from the photographer!!!