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Trends: TOMS

I have to tell you, when I started to write this post, it was with a tiny bit of sadness. Only because I knew that the pair of TOMS I really really wanted (as in searched every retailer, bugged an online TOMS representative, and watched the site everyday for a month to see if someone returned a size 9) were no longer available in anything but a 5 and a 12 and weren’t forecasted to return in the spring…and the only “how we wear them” picture – is a wedding pic!

BUT – to my absolute  delight, when I went to retrieve the pic, I found that…drumroll please…they’re baaaaaccck. Of course, they’re not in my budget this month but at least there’s hope!

Which – is actually what this post is about! HOPE! If you’re not familiar with the company, for every pair of uber comfy TOMS shoes that you buy, they donate a pair to a child in need. It’s simply called “one for one”. And as of September 2010, they have donated over ONE MILLION pairs of shoes to children in need! You can read more about their mission here and see what they’re up to on their blog, which will likely make you cry (in a good way)!

So, what does this have to do with weddings, you ask? Well, I happen to think that it’s a FABULOUS idea to wear TOMS at your wedding! Whether they’re your reception dancing shoes, your groom sports a pair, or your whole bridal party dons them, it’s a great cause to get involved in and it certainly makes a statement about your love for others on the day you publicly profess your love for one another <3 Not to mention, you can wear them every-single-day you-want-to after the wedding too!

Enjoy a few awesome pics below and then head on over to the TOMS site to order a pair! They even have a special wedding section to help you make your selection! *You can also head to Saxon Shoes if you live in the Richmond or Fredericksburg areas or Nordstrom at Short Pump in Richmond!*

And check out this gorgeous inspiration board by Artessen featuring a pair of TOM’S wedges I’m loving:

So – what are you waiting for? They have canvas, glitters, wedges, boots, and limited edition designs. Join the movement! It’s sole good. ;)

PS – Here’s the pair I’m currently the most heels over head for:

– Ash Vegan Wrap Boots –

I’m also quite smitten with the Cords in Ocean…and Saffron…and Pomegranate ;)


aaand, I can’t wait to get this “raise IQs, not sea levels” pair of Tiny TOMS for Cadence!

So – do you have a pair of TOMS? Are you just a few clicks away from owning a pair (and thus gifting a pair to a child in need!)?! Which pair is YOUR current crush?!


Additional Photo Credits: TOMS (of course), 2081, catieronquillo, Funky Trend, My Portland Photographer, Photos By KimThe Chief Honey BeeWedding BeeWhit Meyer Photography


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  1. Megan Tate said:

    Loooove this! And those wrap boots are to die for!

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